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Paul-Gordon is recognized as a global leader in using the arts to further our quest for a more harmonious future, both with each other and with the earth.  He believes that the arts can be one of the most effective mediums to heal our world and to creatively foster peace, harmony, wholeness and health in all its forms.  In 2009, while living in Cairo, Egypt, he founded CARAVAN which grew into an international arts NGO/non-profit with the mission of "transformation through the arts," resulting in unprecedented gatherings of renowned and emerging artists from all over the world, coming together to use art in transformational ways.


In his role as the Episcopal Bishop of Wyoming, he leads ArtSpirit, the arts initiative of the Episcopal Church in Wyoming, which sees and values artistic creativity in its many forms as a force for change. ArtSpirit  explores and nurtures the relationship between spirituality, faith and the arts, by developing, curating, coordinating and hosting artistic initiatives to stimulate discussion, dialogue and education, as well as spiritual exploration.

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